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[IP] Thoughts on going on a pump!


I'm currently in the process of getting a pump.  I spoke with my endo a few
years ago (I wanted something better than the injections) and he was totally
against it.  I haven't spoken to him yet, that's my next step, but I'm going
for it, even if I have to find a new endo, I feel that strongly about it.
After having D for 37 years, I definitely am not in denial (have lived with
it too long for that).  And with all the ups and downs in glucose over the
years, I can't ignore it, it lives with me everyday.  I'm looking for some
freedom and flexibility that I haven't had in forever!  My life up to this
point in time has revolved around food, when are we going to eat, where are
we going to eat, what are we going to eat?  Sheesh, I'm so tired of always
worring about where the next meal is going to be, and having my life
scheduled around meals.  When we go out with friends, it's always, "Rose has
to eat at noon, Rose has to eat at 5:00, etc."  I want better control and I
want FLEXIBILITY!  I have been told the pump will give me this.  I can't

Type 1 for 37 years, hoping to be on a pump soon!

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