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Re: [IP] halloween candy


you are dead right on the mentioned complications.  geneva's night time
highs...eating...they all mess up the BIG picture.

same thing happened last night.  she just had a tootsie roll pop right
before bed and was 249 at 11 pm.  I just gave her enough of a bolus to bring
her down to 200.  and at 2 am she was at 113 !!  I got nervous and reset a
temp basal for 0.2 for the next four hours and she awoke at 226.

I am going to have to start eating this candy myself if we can't get a
handle on it soon.

tonight, I am not going to correct at all.  if her carb ratio is right...and
it seems to be...then her boluses for her candy should work, right?  no
matter when it finally kicks in.

thanks for the half hour tip..I will consider this tonight also.

> If I'm correcting for a high BG at 3 hours after a meal or snack, I tend
> to be very conservative>
> If the 300 happened to be the peak of the candy bar, which was delayed
> because it's a VERY fatty candy, and if she really DID have enough
> insulin to cover it, and/or if Humalog lasts longer than 3 hours in her
> (it DOES have a tail), then she really might already be on the way down.
> Plus, I think you said that she goes high in the early night hours
> anyway and then plunges, which could make things even MORE complicated.

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