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[IP] Frozen Shoulder to Cry On

Frozen Shoulder was the first thing that got me hooked on the Insulin 
Pumper's List!  Two years ago I was just 'coming off' a course of physical 
therapy, orthopedic doctors, surgeons, chiroprctors, cortisone shots, 
cortisone pills, and 'wall' exercises- and absolutely nothing worked though 
admittedly I DID NOT try surgery.  I was diagnosed with tendonitus, 
bursitus, and rotator cuff syndrom.  They tried heat packs, ice packs and 
some other thing where they put a small electrical charge into the muscles.  
I went to places in neighboring states, the state capital, etc.  Finally I 
hired a massage therapist to just work my shoulders once a week, and then I 
could sleep at night (I used to roll over on a shoulder and wake up in 

On this list I learned that the condition is called Adhesive Capsulitus and 
is common to diabetics ('though obviously not to the doctors dealing with 
them!!) and is basically just that -adhesions where one part of your body 
sticks to another like 2 bandaids mating :-)  The good news is that mine 
eventually went away- BUT first I learned to not roll over in my sleep, do 
anything that my irritate those shoulders (I kept asking the surgeons why on 
earth would rotator cuff syndrome 'attack' BOTH shoulders within weeks of 
each other [that's why I didn't have surgery! - no reasonable answer!]
Others on this list say it goes away in a couple of years - mine was more 
like 5.

I want to add that PT did help me too - but the results were short-lived [a 
day or two], expensive and ultimately not worth the effort.
In truth I should add that I probably never even mentioned it to my endo at 
the time as I thought it was something totally independent of dianetes (is 
ANYTHING? EVER?).  Maybe she could've helped.
Dianne  email @ redacted

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