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Re: [IP] disconnecting to shower

email @ redacted wrote:
> I am a 47 yr. old female - the one that lives in SF with 4 cats

And I'm a 51 yr. old female that lives in Reno with 5 cats!!!!  :)
> Is there anyone who is a bath person?  I have been quick releasing to take a
> bath, soaking for about 15-25 minutes and reconnecting. I haven't been
> covering the injection site.  Am I screwing up doing this?

Yes, I'm a bath person!  I have a Jacuzzi bathtub -- ahhhhhh!!!!

I haven't been covering up the infusion site -- haven't had any
problems, EXCEPT that the tape may loosen up. If it does, then I just
put a couple more pieces of tape over the places that have started to
pull off. 

The other concern I had was whether the insulin in the "tail" of the
SofSet would cook -- hasn't been too much of a problem, but then I don't
use lobster-cooking temperatures in my bath, anyway!

If you use Sils, then that becomes much less of a problem. However, I
feel that it's imperative to use the connector cover that comes with the
Sils, because that little hole is wide open. Whereas you don't really
need anything with the SofSet. 

Good luck, and hug and stroke your cats for me -- I'm a cat addict!

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