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Re: [IP] halloween candy

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> I am back at guessing at corrections due to her 300 levels at 9 pm
> from a reese's cup at 6 pm.  if I bolus too much, she is crashing at 2 am.

If I'm correcting for a high BG at 3 hours after a meal or snack, I tend
to be very conservative, because I don't know at that point whether my
BG is stable or on the way down.

If the 300 happened to be the peak of the candy bar, which was delayed
because it's a VERY fatty candy, and if she really DID have enough
insulin to cover it, and/or if Humalog lasts longer than 3 hours in her
(it DOES have a tail), then she really might already be on the way down.

Plus, I think you said that she goes high in the early night hours
anyway and then plunges, which could make things even MORE complicated. 

So I wonder if testing again a half hour later, before deciding how much
to correct could help you -- at least you'd see the trend instead of a
one-time snapshot. 

This is a place where a continuous BG monitor would be SOOOOO nice!


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