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Re: [IP] disconnecting to shower

hi jean,

welcome from another bay area pumper...actually, my daughter, geneva is.

> I am a 47 yr. old female - the one that lives in SF with 4

> I wear slacks/jeans a lot and the tubing is always getting twisted and
> wrapped in uncomfortable places.  I am also a restless sleeper and worry
> I'll pull tubing out.

geneva wears the 24" tubing...sof-set infusion also.  she twists all night.
leaves pump either next to her on bed or inside underwear.  no problem.

as far as jeans go...she wears them all of the time.  just stuffs it in her
pocket.  she stopped using the clip a long time ago.  it fits easily in all
of her pockets.

> Is there anyone who is a bath person?  I have been quick releasing to take
> bath, soaking for about 15-25 minutes and reconnecting.

geneva is a shower person.  although a big time swimmer.  she sometimes
needs to use extra tape if it starts to come up.  (she always uses an extra
piece of the IV 3000 that we ordered from MM .  it is larger than the piece
that comes in the sof-sets infusion box.   puts this on top of the whole

there are several threads on "tape coming up" and "swimming" in past threads
in the archives.  you might go back and look up these for info.

> In an earlier digest, Steven talked about a rotten experience with Kaiser
> pump supplies.  This is kind of scary for me

we are Kaiser members also.  we actually see a female, pediatric endo who
comes out to a clinic in walnut creek each month who works out of UCSF .
she is with kaiser and has office in SF.   really terrific and very open to
pumping and new ideas. (like mixing velosulin/ humalog for site degradation)

we love Kaiser because the supplies are free, except for copay of $5.00 for
the insulins.  all infusion sets are free.  have no problems whatsover with
coverage.  we do purchase extra tapes through MM, (the cheapest that we have

I did alot of research on HMO's in northern CA because we were moving from
the east coast.  I found that the NORTHERN CA Kaiser is one of the top rated
HMO's in the country.  they now have merged with southern CA.
but...nothing has changed for us regarding health care.  I would not worry
about your diabetes supplies with kaiser.  we are able to get anything that
we need regarding geneva's supplies.

hope this helps.

mom to geneva, age ten.  pumping since 6/99

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