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[IP] parents, endos, velosulin

hey all--
 Ok, first off I saw 600 2x yesterday, sighhhhhh. I
see my endo on Thursday adn am hoping this is my last
appt there, because I need some more help. I am
finding the closer endos do not do pumps and even
though my endo put me on the pump, they are not much
help with it b/c they don't know what to do. Betsy,
Dr. Zitnay soudns great. There's another i'm
considering but he's in dc and my parents aren't too
fond of that. There is a pediatric one who is new to
the pump and paatients tell me shed oesn't return
phone calls. However, thsi is me! my parents aren't so
determined to switch docs. I don't even know if this
a1c which will be the worse in a while will make a
difference. They don't freak out at my 300s or even
600s. But i know i need someone else to work with. How
do i convince them to switch? i need their support
too. How do I convince them? The doc with a pump
himself sounds like he could help but i can't make my
own decision when my change resistant parents ar
 also, velosulin. I am INSISTING something be changed
on thursday, wheter i go back to shots until thing
stabilize, or i add velosulin. HOWEVER< i do not think
the nedo i see now knows much about velosulin. so,
plesae share the knowledge...how do you mix? does it
affect basals and boluses? what do you have to watch
for? Anyone with info please email me privately, i
don't want to push my endo into letting me do that and
then nto knowing mys elf what i'm doing...
 Today so far...3am 275, corrected, 7am 66, 9:30am 113
(small banana..15gcho, 1.0 boulus) then 247. I don't
know if it's basals, boluses or whatnot...

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