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[IP] GlucoWatch hearing

Hi, I was hoping you could post information about the upcoming FDA
hearing about the Glucowatch.  This device tests the blood glucose
levels one time each 17 minutes and is as accurate or more accurate than
the traditional finger-poke type devices we use today.  The FDA meeting
on 12/6 wil be a time to consider public support for this device.  Those
who can not attend, could write a letter to be entered into the record.
Below is some information about the device and the accuracy of this
device.  As with Humalog, approval would be only for adults, but as with
Humalog, that doesn't mean that children can not use it. I have been
speaking with Veronica Calvin at the FDA to help coordinate speakers; if
anyone would like to contact me directly, my email is email @ redacted
Sonia Cooper

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