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[IP] Shane is pumping!

First of all, thanks to everyone here.  Our team usually tries to start
up pumpers in groups of 3 or 4, but when we convinced them that we knew
so much about pumping they arranged a time for us to start up alone
without having to wait another few weeks to get a group going. They had
scheduled us for a 4 hour block of time, but it only took an hour and a
half because we already knew how to run all the functions and knew
starting basals, etc.  Both CDEs and the Endo were really impressed.
Said they have never seen a startup go so quick and easy. So far it
seems to be going well. Shane has gone 24 hrs without a BG over 200, and
that is pretty rare! Also it is obvious that he is much more sensitive
to humalog than lente because he used less than half his usual total
insulin for the 24 hrs and still had a couple readings in the 50s and
60s.  The carb ratio seems about the same so far tho.  Our CDE is being
really great--gave us her home and cell number with instructions to
check in at least once or twice a day, and is willing to listen to our
Thanks again everyone for all the help and advice.
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