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Re: [IP] Did you have to do all this STUFF before pumping? Im MAD!!!

Do you have the book "Pumping Insulin" and it's "Humalog
Supplement?"  If so, IMO, I would be tempted to familiarize
myself with the suggested settings, testing basals, etc. 

I think what your docs are asking is absolutely ridiculous!

Of course, because I am not yet a pumper, I might not be
the best source of advice.  I am just stating what I would
probably do.

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> Im irate because I have a lovely new pump sitting here,
> but my 
> diabetes team wont help me/allow me to use it for over a
> month!
> First, I must keep a really annoyingly detailed food log.
>  Fine, I 
> dont really mind doing that for a few days. They want
> over 2 weeks 
> worth!!!  Not only that, but I must test before and after
> each meal.  
> If I miss logging a single meal or test, I must log an
> extra day.  
> What???? I feel like a 10 year old having to reclean his
> bedroom 
> because he didnt do it well.  I am human, and it is often
> NOT 
> possible to test at the proper time after a meal.  After
> they get my 
> 2 weeks they will "review" the logs to see if Im "ready"
> for the pump.
> I think 2 weeks is really excessive.  It also takes a
> good bite out of 
> your time and your life.  I especially dislike that they
> are going to 
> be "grading" those logs.  Ive been carb counting for
> years now, I 
> think I know how to by now.  
> If I make perfect logs, then they will let me pump saline
> for a few 
> weeks before starting insulin. How useful is pumping
> water for that 
> long, really? I have played with the pump.... I do not
> find its 
> operation difficult at all with all those nice easy
> menus. Loading the 
> insulin and infusion sets, etc is all pretty well
> documented.  Im also 
> a healthcare professional so I know how to maintain
> asepsis and 
> insert needles and all those great things.
> Did any of you have to jump through these hoops before
> pumping? I 
> thought insurance was going to be the hard part, but I
> got my pump 
> in under a week... it is the docs that are making it
> difficult to get 
> started.  I would find another team but these are the
> only ones 
> really knowledgeable about the pump in this area.
> While I realize they probably have a set way of setting
> people up 
> with the pump, every person is different and
> accomodations should 
> be made for this reason.  
> I must say I am tempted to just start on insulin right
> now.  There 
> are methods for establishing initial basal and bolus
> rates amply 
> documented, and for making adjustments after this. Has
> anyone 
> gone this route, on your own?  I only hesitate to do this
> because I'll 
> never hear the end of it when they find out.
> Thanks for any info/feedback, and for listening to me
> vent :)
> r talis

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