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Re: [IP] Did you have to do all this STUFF before pumping? Im MAD!!!

David -

I was on MDI for 35 years before going on the pump.  When I bolused, I
naturally included the NPH runnning in the background, and took less
regualr.  Being on the pump, when you calculate a "bolus", you don't have
ANYTHING running in the background.  You have NO background!

My DOC is at Johns Hopkins, and I never pumped any saline!  I would have
been chomping at the bit if I had to - BUT, I have records that I've kept
from before 1991 on what I've eaten, how much I've bolused, and what the
results of that bolus were.  One of the other people in my hypoglycemia
study told me she also has records from a long time ago of wht insulin she
takes, what she eats, what her test results were.  When I went on the pump,
I went into the hospital for overnight.  Had talks/consultations with my
CDE, a nutritionist/dietician and my doctor.  Was given brochures, phone
numbers, etc.  What all of them said helped - especially my CDE, who
personally walked me through my first two infusion set insertions.

I was nervous doing my own infusion set chsange the first time, but low and
behold - it worked!  Had some major - and minor - adjustments to make
afterwards.  I think that's always the case with diabetes!  Good luck, and
two weeks ??  Those people may not BE diabetics, but have lots of experience
dealing with this disease!  As they always tell you, you are in the driver's

Take care, and let me know if you name your pump!       Jane

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