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Re: [IP] disconnecting to shower


I am a 47 yr. old female - the one that lives in SF with 4 cats - I joined 
this group about a week ago but just figured out how to participate - duh.  
(which means this is a long message!)

Have been pumping since last Saturday - loving it but have had minor 
complications. Thanks to you guys I didn't panic TOO much when I got a no 
delivery alarm or bumped the injection site (figured if it hurt change site), 
crimp in tubing etc.
I am the proud partner of a MiniMed 507C.

I do have a couple of questions and would appreciate any information.

I wear slacks/jeans a lot and the tubing is always getting twisted and 
wrapped in uncomfortable places.  I am also a restless sleeper and worry that 
I'll pull tubing out.  
Is there a shorter tubing?  I am using the softset infusion.
Is there anyone who is a bath person?  I have been quick releasing to take a 
bath, soaking for about 15-25 minutes and reconnecting. I haven't been 
covering the injection site.  Am I screwing up doing this?  

In an earlier digest, Steven talked about a rotten experience with Kaiser and 
pump supplies.  This is kind of scary for me.  I start a new job the end of 
this month and was given the policy numbers for the organization to find out 
if Kaiser would cover the supplies.  I was told it was 100% covered. Now I am 
concerned.  I can also choose HealthNet, who also told me the supplies were 
covered 100%.  Does anyone have more information?  I can Cobra my current 
insurance (which is great) until April if necessary. 

Sorry this is so long.  
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