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[IP] halloween candy

I don't know about all of you guys eating halloween candy...


geneva is having to -up- her basals by about 0.3 for 3 hours after eating

we are now using alot of insulin as she has been getting candy from her
friends at school...eating it after school and after dinner.  it is whacking
her levels out like crazy.

I guess we are enjoying the freedom here and suffering the consequences at
the same time.   her nightime levels are pretty much out of control at this
point.  I am back at guessing at corrections due to her 300 levels at 9 pm
from a reese's cup at 6 pm.  if I bolus too much, she is crashing at 2 am.

I am about ready to throw the candy out of the window.

anyone else now feeling frustrated by halloween delights?

as much as the pump is great for eating all sorts of food at whatever
times...this chocolate thing has me in a BAD MOOD.


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