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Re: [IP] No bolus for snacks???????/

><<.....told me I would no longer bolus for snacks,
>only for meals. Anyone else found this to be true?>>

The way I was taught, was that your basals are supposed to be designed to 
keep you close to level with no food. So, any carbs that you eat, need to 
be accounted for with a bolus. As far as your body is concerned a carb is a 
carb, whether it is called a meal or a snack.

On the other hand, if you are using a basal rate that requires you to 
regularly snack to avoid hypos, you have them set wrong. The beauty of the 
pump is that when the basals are set correctly, you don't need to eat on 
time, you can snack  or not as the urge strikes and you can even skip 
meals. But for everything that you do eat, you need to bolus appropriately.


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