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[IP] lows

a 4 to 5 gram glucose tab will raise your BG about 16 to 20 points. A 15 gram 
serving of apple juice will raise your BG about 60 points. Don't skip any 
meals until the basal rates are adjusted. I would also avoid any major 
exercise. If you are very sensitive to the insulin in your pump, or your 
basal rate is too high, then 30 minutes of exercise could potentially drop 
you about 100 points or more. Even strolling around the mall could do this. 
Carry glucose tabs with you at all times, for now. Don't over treat any low 
BGs. If you go low 1 to 2 hours after eating a meal, then your meal bolus 
ratio might be too high. Do you have the Pumping Insulin Book? Also check 
this home page for the IP list for information for Humalog. Good luck.
Barbara b.
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