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Subject: [IP] on pump for 24 hours

You probably still have some long acting insulin on board that will
affect your blood sugars for a few days.  This happened with Steven.  We
were in a 24 hour observation unit for the first day of pumping,
checking blood sugars hourly and as needed in between.  He ran LOW for
the entire time.  If his bs was less than 70, he took 15 grams of carb
(usually 4 oz. of juice) and suspended the pump for 1/2 hour.  Basals
were adjusted as needed.

His initial basal rate (calculated using Bruce Bode's formula) was a bit
high, so adjustments were needed almost immediately.  He was also kept
on a rather strict meal plan (meals only, no snacks, same amount of
carb/meal) for a couple of weeks until basals and boluses were fine
tuned, and insulin/carb ratios were determined.  

This worked best for us.  Be patient - that pesky long acting (we were
on both ultralente and NPH) will eventually work its way out of your

mom of Steven, age 13
Pumping since 7/6/99
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