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Re: [IP] Did you have to do all this STUFF before pumping? Im MAD!!!

I started pumping insulin in July of this year.  I had to keep a strict food 
log for the month I was pumping saline.  I also had to test my bgs when I got 
up in the am, before and after each meal at bedtime and at 2:00am.  Pumping 
with saline was good for me because it got me use to setting up the infusion 
sets and wearing the pump.  By the time I went on insulin ALL I had to worry 
about was carb counting and establishing my ratios and basal rates.  When I 
say ALL, believe me it was not easy for the first three months.  If I would 
have had to contend with faulty infusion sets ect. I would have been in total 
overload.  Once on the pump with insulin, I still had to test as mentioned 
above in order to establish my basal rates and carb ratios.  It took three 
months to get this right.  I needed to know to adjust for highs or treat 
lows, especially during the night.  I also had to do fasting to test my basal 
rates.  It takes work.  It was well worth it.
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