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Re: [IP] Type 1.5 or LADA

John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote:
> There's now a ADA recognized category of diabetes called LADA - latent
> auto-immune diabetes of adulthood.  These folks have the antibodies of Type
> 1 DM - but for some reason, they seem to affect the beta cells that produce
> iinsulin more gradually than they do in kids.  Often times, the honeymoon
> (ie, still insulin producing ) time lasts a lot longer.  Since they're NOT
> type 2's, ie, no insulin resistance, most of the oral meds don't work well
> at all.  I kind of like the name - it sounds like something from Startrek,
> doesn't it?  Better than Type Wierd, Natalie?

Nahhhhh!!  Type Weird has a ring to it -- goes along with my
:) :) :)

But seriously, I'm not really sure whether I'm a LADA or not -- my
insulin production is declining SO gradually, that I'm hoping I may
NEVER lose the residual amount that keeps my BGs fairly easy to control. 

But the thing that DOES fit is the fact that the oral meds (sulfs)
didn't work -- my endo said that you can't beat a dead horse, and that
my pancreas just wasn't capable of kicking out any more insulin, no
matter what. 

So I'm glad that I was able to get the pump, regardless of what kind of
DM I have!!!


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