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Re: [IP] MiniMed Daily Total/Tara's Labor

Sam, et al.

I have a 507 and mine is showing Saturday's totals just fine.  You and
anyone else having a problem may want to look into it more closely.


That is outrageous!  I had both of my children while on MDI and with both of
them when I arrived at the hospital a dextrose drip AND and insulin drip
were started but my husband and I were in charge of all blood testing
because I had strict orders written by my endo and brought them with us both
times (different hospitals, different states, different endos).  The insulin
drip mimicked an insulin pumps basal and they used it to bolus if necessary
(never was in my case).  The doctor who took over your treatment obviously
is not well versed in how to treat a diabetic who is in labor and you should
bring this up in a grievance letter or something to the hospital because he
seriously jeopardized your life.  Glad all is well with you and your baby

Take care.


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