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[IP] on pump for 24 hours

I have a question and hoping someone will give me some advice. I started on 
the 507c yesterday and my Dr. told me that I would be running in the high 
200's and that a low was pretty much not going to happen. Well in 24 hours I 
have had 4 low sugars. So alittle concerned I called my endo. When she picked 
up the phone she said " Make it quick I am with a patient" I was shocked by 
the lack of support and wanted very much to rip her a new #*@!. She said when 
you are low eat and ended our conversation. Well being that this is all so 
new to me,I was disgusted by her actions. Disgusted is not really exact, I 
was extremely pissed!! I think a change in endo's might be a good idea. For 
all who have experience with the pump please tell me if it is normal to have 
so many lows after only 24 hours! Please help Thank you very much  Leesa   
email @ redacted
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