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Re: [IP] Should I just let it go?

> ago and I decided to take 1 unit to get it down (1 unit would drop
> me 3 mmol or 54 mg/d at that time of my pregnancy). Anyways, when
> the nurse told the endo in charge that I did this he flipped out and
> ordered my pump be removed and I was given dextrose and saline
> solution in my IV.  Anyways, to make the rest of the story short. My
> sugars continued to rise and maxed out at 17 (306) and stayed there
> for 2 hours before he would allow me to take any insulin (I took a
> unit in light of his decision which didn't even budge my bg level). 
> Is there anything I can do to make sure this doesn't happen again to
> anyone else. 

1) It is essential that your physician leave specific orders, whether 
he plans to be there or not. He might get a flat tire and someone 
else will have to fill in.

2) this is doublely important if there is any hint that a surgical 
procedure might be necessary... C section whatever. You MUST speak to 
and have orders left for the anesthesiologist that will that will be 
in charge of your care. This is more important than the presiding 

3) When a physician specifically overrules a patient on care such as 
you mention above, it borders on mal-practice, particularly since 
he/she clearly didn't know what the h--l he was doing. You can and 
should pull them up short for this type of behavior.

The best solution is 1 & 2 above where everything is spelled out for 
the Johny come lately's. It does not do your care any good to have 
confrontations with your team whilst in the midst of treatment.

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