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[IP] Should I just let it go?

I have been stewing over whether I should try and do something about this situation or not. Maybe some of you can help me decide. When I was pregnant I talked with my endo about my bg's during labour and he decided he would let me be in charge of my bg's and insulin using my pump but he wanted me to have an IV in case I started spilling ketones (my HbA1c's were 5.4 for the last 4 months of pregnancy).  I was fine with the IV and was glad he trusted me with handling my own bg's and insulin.  I questioned him about sever bg drops after delivering the placenta and he told me that he didn't think I would experience this. I don't remember why he felt this way but I think it was because of the length of time I've had diabetes (16 years). Anyways, when I got to the hospital my endo wasn't working and I had another endo to deal with. During active labour my bg started to rise and I could tell because I started to feel nautious and dehydrated. I checked and it was 8.9 (160) it was 6.7 (120) an hour ago and I decided to take 1 unit to get it down (1 unit would drop me 3 mmol or 54 mg/d at that time of my pregnancy). Anyways, when the nurse told the endo in charge that I did this he flipped out and ordered my pump be removed and I was given dextrose and saline solution in my IV.  Anyways, to make the rest of the story short. My sugars continued to rise and maxed out at 17 (306) and stayed there for 2 hours before he would allow me to take any insulin (I took a unit in light of his decision which didn't even budge my bg level).  Is there anything I can do to make sure this doesn't happen again to anyone else.  I had a totally natural labour and delivery, everything went as smooth as can be except for this. I felt humiliated that he ordered my pump to be removed and was told not to administer any more insulin myself.  Is this standard treatment for diabetic women in labour or should I pursue this somehow? How would I go about it?
pumping 7 months, IDDM 16 years