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Subject: [IP] Diabetes and Ketones

Type 1 diabetes is a specific kind of diabetes, in which the insulin
producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed by antibodies.  After the
"honeymoon", in which a little insulin is still being made, Type 1 diabetics
have NO insulin being produced.  Since they do not have ANY insulin, they
are more prone to developing ketones, and the condition of diabetic

Type 2 diabetes is caused by resistance to insulin.  The pancreas still
makes it, but the body can't use it.  Eventually, the pancreas may burn out,
and make so little insulin that a person becomes insulin dependent, even if
they still make a little insulin.  As long as a person is making at least a
little insulin, the risk of DKA is small, but it can happen if a person gets
dehydrated or stressed (body, not mind) enough.

There are lots of other causes of diabetes out there, too.  Like people with
cystic fibrosis whose pancreas no longer works, but not because of
antibodies against it, or people who've had severe trauma to the pancreas,
or severe pancreatitis.  There are some of those folks on the list, too, and
most of them are more similar to type 1's because they aren't producing any
insulin because of their damaged (or missing) pancreases.

And it is possible to be a Type 1 with insulin resistance.  If a person gets
to be overweight, or has the gene for Type 2, or develops antibodies against
insulin, their insulin needs may be higher than most Type 1's.  The average
for a Type 1 diabetic (not insulin resistant) is 0.8-1.0 units per kilogram
of body weight per day - annd higher in adolescents and pregnant women.  So,
if you weigh, say, 200 pounds (90 kilograms), the predicted daily insulin
need would be from 72 -90 units per day.  So, 70 units a day isn't
particularly high at all for a man.

Hope this helps!

Nancy Morgan

<<I was told that the difference in being type 1 or type 2 is whether you
produce ketones when high or not.   I was dx something like "acidketatoses"
meaning high ketones being produced. >>

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