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[IP] Fwd: Gore's "big increase"

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>Date:         Fri, 5 Nov 1999 09:22:15 -0500
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>From: Joseph LaMountain <email @ redacted>
>Subject:      Gore's "big increase"
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>I am so angry I cannot see straight.  And advocate Patti Wong is the 
>reason why.  That's because Patti sent me a transcript of last week's 
>debate between Al Gore and Bill Bradley in NH.
>In response to a question, asked by the mother of a child with diabetes, 
>Gore said: "You know, we've just had a big increase in research for 
>juvenile diabetes, and I'm hopeful we can find a cure for that and cancer 
>and other diseases."
>As Patti asked me, "What is the big increase he is talking about?"  Good 
>question.  Obviously, the VP has no clue whatsoever about diabetes 
>funding, despite everything we've done over the last month.
>During that time, ADA staff met with Gore's chief policy aide to explain 
>the dismal state of funding.  On top of that, thousands of calls, letters, 
>faxes, and emails were directed to the VP by advocates, and not just by 
>the 3,000 people who receive these email messages.
>Yet the VP is still under the mistaken assumption that everything is hunky 
>dory.  Someone must be telling the VP and his staff that people with 
>diabetes are happy with the current situation.  How else can you explain 
>it?  This is depressing, frustrating and annoying all at once.
>A wise man once said that "desperate times call for desperate 
>measures."  I say that desperate times call for desperate calls - to VP 
>Gore's campaign offices, of course.
>And I'm not talking about just one call to his office today.  We've tried 
>that and it hasn't worked.  What we need is a steady drumbeat of calls, 
>every day, until he and his staff wake up.
>Will you call his office every day until the message gets through?  If 
>yes, please send me a message at email @ redacted and make sure to 
>include your name, city and state.
>Once I have a list of callers compiled and organized, I'll send you a 
>phone number to call daily.  I'll also include talking points and send you 
>a reminder email each day.
>We are down to the last few days in this year's budget cycle.  The process 
>is almost over.  And unlike all the other candidates running for 
>President, VP Gore can still make a difference because of his 
>position.  But we have to convince him.
>I hope to hear from you soon.
>Leading the fight to cure diabetes.......
>Joseph LaMountain
>National Director of Advocacy
>American Diabetes Association
>1701 N. Beauregard Street
>Alexandria, VA 22311
>fax: 703-549-8748

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