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Re: [IP] Did you have to do all this STUFF before pumping? Im MA

> > Thanks for any info/feedback, and for listening to me vent :)
> > 
> The advice for this is the same each time. Try to discuss it with
> them. If they are unreasonable, get a new medical team. I suspect
> that it will be unnecessary to do so, but if you explain to them
> what you just put in your post, I think you will get a positive
> response.

My daughter (11 at the time) is the pumper. Together we read pumping 
insulin. Visited our doc -- he quizzed us (both of us) on our
knowledge and understanding of the pump and carb counting (Lily was 
not carb counting at the time). He was satisfied that we understood 
the principals and math require, so he turned us loose. We were, of 
course, in close contact for the first few weeks, all went well. 
On the way home, about 2 minutes out of the driveway of the doctors 
office, Lily asked "Dad, can we stop by McDonalds so I can get an 
apple pie". I still tear up a little thinking about that. The freedom 
the pump gave my daughter was instantaneously obvious to her and she 
took to it like a duck to water. Her personal thoughts on the matter 
are on the kids page titled "Lily's Essay". Personally, I think your 
medical team is being a little heavy handed. Probably simply for 
policy reasons, they have a protocol and wish to follow it. They 
obviously have not taken into consideration that some 
patients may be far more prepared than others, or that patients think 
at all..... who knows. Lily's endo always approaches us with an open 
dialog. At times I'm sure he probably gets as much info from us as we 
get from him..... Lily was his youngest pump patient for 3 years or 
more. He treats other kids, but none opted for a pump during that 
time frame. Hope you can work all this out satisfactorily. I would 
not take the tempatation to "go it alone", but there are still other 
options and other docs if your's is uncooperative.
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