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Re: [IP] Did you have to do all this STUFF before pumping? Im MAD!!!

I know exactly what you are saying.  I wanted to get on a pump a couple of 
years ago but my diabetes team wanted three months of the kind of records you 
are talking about.  I couldn't or rather didn't do it.  It wasn't until I 
changed endos that I was able to get on a pump, two weeks ago.  I had been 
carb counting for a long time prior so my endo guess-timated what he thought 
my basals would be and away I went.  I'm still working out a the minor 
details, but who doesn't have to when they first start?  I didn't have to 
pump saline before hand.  The only problems I've had is that I keep 
accidentally ripping out my soft-set infusion site.  (Like 3 times in the 
past 2 days--argh!)  Does anyone have any suggestions for that?  Kathleen
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