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[IP] When to contact Disetronic?

>Most people I talked with were very positive about both pumps.
>Some were not.  (They know who they are and what commission they didn't 
>earn) I started pumping on 8/13/98 and have only >encountered one error 
>(caused by operator) from my pump (YMMV) and my rep. has contacted me 
>frequently to see that I am doing OK.

I'm currently shopping for a pump and have found a big difference between 
the MiniMed and Disetronic company people.  The Disetronic people have 
contacted me to see if I had any questions, and will spend hours on the 
phone talking with me about the each pump and say that either one is a good 
pump, it's just what features you like.  When I call MiniMed, they act like 
they have other things to do, and they cut down the Disetronic pump.  Hmmmm 
makes me lean a little towards Disetronic too.


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