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[IP] Did you have to do all this STUFF before pumping? Im MAD!!!

Im irate because I have a lovely new pump sitting here, but my 
diabetes team wont help me/allow me to use it for over a month!

First, I must keep a really annoyingly detailed food log.  Fine, I 
dont really mind doing that for a few days. They want over 2 weeks 
worth!!!  Not only that, but I must test before and after each meal.  
If I miss logging a single meal or test, I must log an extra day.  
What???? I feel like a 10 year old having to reclean his bedroom 
because he didnt do it well.  I am human, and it is often NOT 
possible to test at the proper time after a meal.  After they get my 
2 weeks they will "review" the logs to see if Im "ready" for the pump.

I think 2 weeks is really excessive.  It also takes a good bite out of 
your time and your life.  I especially dislike that they are going to 
be "grading" those logs.  Ive been carb counting for years now, I 
think I know how to by now.  

If I make perfect logs, then they will let me pump saline for a few 
weeks before starting insulin. How useful is pumping water for that 
long, really? I have played with the pump.... I do not find its 
operation difficult at all with all those nice easy menus. Loading the 
insulin and infusion sets, etc is all pretty well documented.  Im also 
a healthcare professional so I know how to maintain asepsis and 
insert needles and all those great things.

Did any of you have to jump through these hoops before pumping? I 
thought insurance was going to be the hard part, but I got my pump 
in under a week... it is the docs that are making it difficult to get 
started.  I would find another team but these are the only ones 
really knowledgeable about the pump in this area.

While I realize they probably have a set way of setting people up 
with the pump, every person is different and accomodations should 
be made for this reason.  

I must say I am tempted to just start on insulin right now.  There 
are methods for establishing initial basal and bolus rates amply 
documented, and for making adjustments after this. Has anyone 
gone this route, on your own?  I only hesitate to do this because I'll 
never hear the end of it when they find out.

Thanks for any info/feedback, and for listening to me vent :)

r talis
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