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[IP] Hard Times

Oh Shiela-
My heart goes out to you both.  I'm 54 and got 'downsized' about 3 years ago 
and given your medical situation I'd scrape together the nickles and dimes 
and get a consult from a lawyer! (Sometimes the initial consultation is free 
or very nominal [$50.]  As I'm sure you know, COBRA goes on for 18 months 
after employment termination and you might want to research how to apply on 
the Internet.  The sooner the better, so that there's no lapse.  When I got 
a lawyer [my boss at first said he thought I was a medical hazard in the 
work place as I had a few  hypos at work after starting on Humalog  - a 
couple of doozies but NOT passing out, falling down or the like - the lawyer 
was for filing a discrimination case - which I did, and then the folks at my 
employer's got much more cooperative [and of course started to change their 
tune about my diabetes and began saying I was incompetent.]  My lawyer told 
me that companies frequently intentionally ignore the law as only one in 100 
complains or gets a lawyer.

Glad you got supplies for awhile.  I have yet to return to work as about a 
year after that job terminated, I discovered I had a brain tumor (and thank 
God I had a few more months on COBRA0.  So no job and no insurance.  
Boo!;-((  Keep in touch no matter what happens. The folks on this list have 
literally kept me pumping for a year now and I have another year to go 
before I'm eligible to apply for Medicare.  I've learned a lot of 'tricks' 
of being technologically advanced with very, little money.   God bless.

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