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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder

At 06:49 AM 11/5/1999  Carolyn Green wrote:
>As far as the frozen shoulder goes, I suffered from that recently and
>underwent extensive physio during the summer to get the movement back. My
>physiotherapist is danish and said that a frozen shoulder is common in
>diabetics and that in his homeland his fellow physios refer to it as
>diabetic shoulder. This was a new one to me!! At least this is one
>complication that is reversible!!..Carolyn

I think a number of us have reported "frozen" shoulder problems. I know I 
had it on my left side and went through physical therapy... then more 
recently it happened to my right shoulder. I've just been working it out on 
my own and its been gradually getting better. Its a real pain (literally)


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