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[IP] Re:Husband lost his job _reply for Sheila

I have worked for companies where I had to let people go.  We were
required by law to furnish that employee with a Cobra form and
information.  Your husband is entitled up to 18 months of coverage after
his qualifying event (termination).  You as a dependent are entitled up
to 36  months.  You must elect the coverage within 60 days of
termination.  You can do this over the phone.  Your company probably is
using a company called Cobra Serve.  They provide you with the billing
and forward your information to the insurance companies.  You will have
to pay 102% of your insurance premiums.  The extra 2% is to cover the
cost of Cobra Serve's paperwork.  By law the company must provide you
with this service.  They are in violation for not giving you the
information right away.  You might think about calling your Insurance
Dept.  in your state for assistance.
I hope this helps.  By the way when (by mistake) we  didn't provide
timely cobra information to a former employee we were fined.  Not a
little but a lot.  Keep this in mind. : )

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