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Re: [IP] husband lost job

> I have been lurking alot lately but reading all the posts.  It has
> been a difficult two weeks.  My husband was told the Fri. before
> last that he had no job.  At first I was devastated yes about his
> lack of employment but especially about the possibly of not being
> insured.  I am a social worker and have given lots of help to
> clients in this area but when it is me I become handicapped.  Anyhow
> the company promised to provide info on COBRA but since then has
> refused to even talk directly with my husband at all.  Is there a
> way to start the COBRA without their support or provision of
> paperwork?  
Contact the state employment department and/or the insurance 
commissioners office. The employer is required by law to provide 
cobra benefits and can be severly penalized if they do not do so. If 
the intent to deny benefits is malicious or intentional it becomes a 
criminal matter and individuals can and will be punished.

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