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Re: [IP] priming after reconnection

One should never prime after a disconnect, since the catheter stays filled
with insulin.  I know, however, that some do, and they get away with it
because it  partially compensates for the insulin not infused during the
disconnect.   But it is smarter to just figure out how long you were off,
and then bolus accordingly.  Or if you know it wll be for a certain time,
bolus half up front and half after reconnecting.
Priming is only needed for a new catheter insertion

>> perhaps the sils/tenders require a prime.  I am pretty sure we don't
>>have to prime the sof-sets.

<SofSets require a 0.5u prime
<Tenders/Sils/Comfort sets require a 0.8u prime
<both according the the information supplied by the respective
<email @ redacted

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