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[IP] Re:Frozen Shoulder

I guess there are worse complications. But I've had both shoulders frozen 
although luckily not at the same time and at that time I wasn't so sure there 
couldn't be worse!  They were very painful.  It took lots and lots of 
physical therapy to get my shoulders finally moving and pain free.  I went 
over the insurance limits for PT so it was expensive but I truely believe in 
PT so I paid out of pocket.  The cortisone shots (for pain) sky rocketed my 
blood sugar readings.  My CDE and I worked on giving extra insulin so they 
wouldn't go so high.  Keep records the first time.  Then I was afraid about 
giving myself so much extra insulin, and it was a huge amount of extra 
insulin,  the next time but it worked well to keep sugar levels near normal. 
I hope anyone with a frozen shoulder  finds a good and patient doctor and a 
strong PT!
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