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Re: [IP] husband lost job


My thoughts are with you. They really have no choice to provide the COBRA 
stuff. I'd go to your local state agency for human services or whomever and 
do some complaining. They are under strict requirements, within a specific 
timeframe (I think 30 days), to get you that info for you to make a choice. 
The last place I worked would send the info in a manner that required a 
signature so that they covered their butts in meeting the timeframe 

Raise some cane!!


From: Sheila Sweat <email @ redacted>
Reply-To: email @ redacted
To: "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] husband lost job
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 09:22:18 -0500

I have been lurking alot lately but reading all the posts.  It has been
a difficult two weeks.  My husband was told the Fri. before last that he
had no job.  At first I was devastated yes about his lack of employment
but especially about the possibly of not being insured.  I am a social
worker and have given lots of help to clients in this area but when it
is me I become handicapped.  Anyhow the company promised to provide info
on COBRA but since then has refused to even talk directly with my
husband at all.  Is there a way to start the COBRA without their support
or provision of paperwork?  My husbands father died last year and the
will probated the week of the termination so at least I think we will be
able to pay for the premiums. I worry though, I hope employment is
around the corner but 50 year olds are wanted out there when they can
hire someone right out of college( hope no one takes that personally)  I
did go to the pharmacy the other day and was still able to purchase
insulin on my BC/BS.  I have 6 bottles now so maybe that will tide me
over for 3 months even if I can't get the COBRA.  I am also thankful
because when i contacted Secure Health ( they provide strips and pump
supplies)  I was told that they would send a six month supply instead of
the usual three.  It will only come about two weeks early.  I have met
my out of pocket for the year, so I hope I don't run into any problems
on this issue of supplies will then have about a 9-10 month supply of
supplies and about 2500 strips on hand.  Any special precautions on
storing the supplies as I usually don't keep such an excess. I JUST
DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO GIVE UP PUMPING!!!!  Just venting but all of you
guys remember us as times may be rough for a while.  JUst in case anyone
is wondering I do contact work for a Social Service agency, so there are
no benefits.  I may have to go back to the office if nothing pans out..
I was trying to stay home until my twins start school,  oh well it may
change sooner than I'd like.  Enough whining off to take care of the
household chores. Sheila

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