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[IP] DM 1 and 2; Thyroid, Attn. Jean A.

email @ redacted wrote:
>  Anybody know anything about this?  Or can a person be both
> type 1 and type 2?  Like an insulin resistant type 1?

Absolutely. You can have the genetics of Type 2, causing insulin
resistance, yet have been diagnosed unequivocally Type 1, with DKA and

Your dose, 48 - 60 units a day is not SO high -- I don't know what your
dimensions are, or how active you are, but while you may be on the
resistant side of the bell curve, it doesn't seem to be extreme.

About thyroid, if you're hypothyroid, your insulin doses MAY be off from
what they would be if you were euthyroid -- on the one hand, your
metabolism is running low, which would seem to need less insulin, but on
the other hand, you may be very inactive because of fatigue, in which
case your glucose transporters may not be very efficient, requiring more

I take thyroid replacement for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis -- the biggest
difference I notice is that I have more energy, and find weight control
easier. I can't comment on insulin dose, because the thyroid problems
started before I went on insulin.

Good luck -- I think it's a wise idea to get tested for thyroid problems
-- it's an inexpensive test, and you DO have risk factors.


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