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Re: [IP] Long term without complications

Jessica Marder wrote:
>  The DCCT was the
> first conclusive report that actually compared tight control to
> traditional therapy and the results were glaringly obvious... tight
> control had much lower incidence of complications...  (but that' is not
> the same as no incidence...)  

That's because the DCCT definition of tight control was NOT the same as
having normal BGs at all times. That's what it would take to guarantee
NO diabetic complications. 

Of course, having normal BGs at all times is probably as close to
impossible as to make no never mind for most of us, but eventually, we
would hope for the technology to MAKE it possible -- which would amount
to a cure!

So in the meanwhile, we all have to do the best we can -- remembering
the GOAL is normal BGs, and the reality is that we won't reach that goal
all the time, and that has to be good enough. 

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