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Re: [IP] Diabetic or Not?

On 3 Nov 99, at 20:34, Jimm Lubenow wrote:
> Hey guys, I have a question I hope someone might be able to answer... I
> just changed docs and the new one says that I have a Very high resistance
> to insulin, and he thinks I might not be Type 1. I have been on insulin
> for 10 years and on the pump for 3+. I use aproximately 75 units of
> regular a day. Can this be possible or is he full of S***. Any ideas? Im
> supposed to go back and see him on Monday. Buy the way he is regarded very
> highly here in town by endos.
> Jimm
> Hook Em' Horns---
Can't say that he's Full of it, but it sounds like he's spreading a bit 
of it your way.  :>)    Not type 1?  I think I would want to see further 
lab results before I made that pronouncement.  Maybe 1.5, maybe 
a 2.5.  Nowadays they seem to be "discovering" so many more 
forms of DM that it gets confusing.  What to do?  What ever works 
for you, no matter what label they end up hanging on you.  YMMV.

Gig Em' Aggies


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