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[IP] headaches/migraines

Oh my lord I experienced the worst headache of my life the morning after
starting the pump.  I thought I was going to die.  I was in tears (migraine
definitely - flashing lights and all).  You can even ask my mom/dad (they're
lurkers around here) - my mom had to drive me to the doctors b/c I could

My interpretation:  I ran high all the time - and initially my basal rates
were too high (as it sounds like yours are too) - and I went from 200+ all
the time to 100 and lower for 24 hours straight.  Lows trigger headaches for
me and this one was a whopper.  THank the good lord I haven't had another
like it since.  The headache disapated after two days... Congratulations on
starting, and yes, it will get better!!!

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