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[IP] endos with IDDM

I'm taking my 17 year old son, Eric, to a new endo tomorrow.  His name is
Christopher Zitnay and he has diabetes and uses a pump--Disetronic, I think.
 We haven't met him yet, but I am hoping he will be able to have an impact
on my son that a non-diabetic doctor couldn't have.  When I make
suggestions, Eric is always looking at me and saying, "Mom, you don't know
what it's like!"  And he is right.  But he can't look at Dr. Zitnay and say
that.  Eric has been pumping with the Disetronic for just about 15 months
and is becoming increasingly lax about testing and controlling his bg's.   
Eric's last A1c was 10.  I have visions of him 10 years down the road, blind
and in a wheel chair with no legs.  I would appreciate any prayers from
believers out there.

So, you can add our diabetic endo to the list:  Christopher Zitnay,
Charlottesville, VA

Betsy Smith
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