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[IP] Softset vs Sil reply to matt_stallings

I enjoy the softset.  Sometime I forget I even have it in.  I tend to be
very active so on occasion the softset has been either pulled out or
fallen out.  I can't imagine that happening with the Sil.  The canula on
the softset is only  9mm where on the Sil i think it is 17mm.  I could
be using the wrong unit of measurement but it is roughly half the size
on the softset vs the sil.  I would think if you pull the set out on the
Sil you could cause some serious damage. Please give me details on this
if this is a problem.

The softserter  is great.  No thinking involved but you have to be very
nimble because the softset inserter requires you to become a juggler of
sorts.  You have the training video for the 507c. It is just about that
easy after the 5th or 6th time but for the first few times you will feel
like you are all thumbs.

One thing I don't like is the tubing hanging from your body after you
disconnect.  If you are foolin around with your wife or girlfriend it
can be pulled out by accident.  Also it doesn't look as "clean" as the
sil.  The sil looks like it is just an adhesive bandage on your body
where as the softset looks like a insertion point for an IV. Overall I
have had no real problems just thought I would try something new to get
a different vantage point.

Take care,

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