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Re: [IP] priming after reconnection

At 08:29 PM 11/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>is the .5 prime necessary each time you disconnect (soft-set)?      is this 
>even after disconnecting for a 10-15 minute shower?      

My understanding of the directions that come with the Silouette is that the
INITIAL filling of the infusion set is required.  Any other addition of
insulin will probably be an additional dose but remember --- the pump has
been disconnected and there is missing insulin in the body because the pump
is somewhere else.

A quote from the MiniMed Silhouette fact sheet------
"It is generally advisable to administer a bolus of at least 0.0075 cc (for
insulin:0.5-1 unit of U-100) to fill the empty space in the cannulaafter
the introducer needle is withdrawn."

The quote would imply that a prime is only required when installing a new set.
Bob Blakely
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