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[IP] Complications?

As a dm'er for 33 years, pumper for 6 1/2, I have been learning that
many/most of my little maladies have some relation to diabetes, even
though I am in relatively good health with good heart/stress test
results, 128 cholesterol, 6.2 HbA1C, 'normal' results for kidney,

I've had many of the obvious complications of diabetic retinopathy,
glaucoma, neuropathy and gastro-paresis.

Some of the others I've had that MAY be related - carpal tunnel (in
'76 was told that it was not related to my job with a jackhammer,
only little old ladies got it and that the doctors did not
understand how I could get it at the age of 28), periodontal, frozen
shoulder (chiro thought it was rotator cuff) and occasionally
trigger finger.

I have had a cough for 13 years and have gone to 3 pulmonary doctors
with 2 bronchioscopies(?) and been told that I had no cancer,
asthma, allergies, etc. that would explain it and that my breathing
passages are rough and red, that it's rough and red because I cough
and that I cough because it's rough and red.  I have been given
cough syrups, inhalants, nebulizers, shots, cough drops. etc.  I
have had an upper gi, which also included a test that watched barium
go down my throat when I swallowed.  It turns out that I have Mild
Pharyngeal Dysphagic from a slow return of larynx and epiglottis.
The flap that closes for breathing/swallowing is not closing when I

The doctor said that this is usually found with someone that has had
a stroke, Parkinson's or some other kind of problems with nerve
damage, I did not have any of the other symptoms and she did not
know if there was any relation to dm.  Does anyone else have this
type of problem, is this another bonus for dm'ers or does this have
no relationship at all, as I was originally told for much of the
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a
mistake when you make it again.

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