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Subject: Re: [IP] Soft-set Ultimate Qr vs Silhouette

Wow, Laurie, I am impressed.  Jenna started pumping at 9, and she still
thinks that silouettes hurt a bunch.  She will insert one without numbing,
but only under duress.  You do  have to think ahead with EMLA, but it's not
really a big deal.  We usually change sites after supper.  On a change day,
we put the EMLA on while fixing supper, and by the time we've eaten and the
dishes are done, it's ready to go.  If a site comes out, I'll often give her
the choice of a shot now and putting EMLA on, vs. just putting in the SIL.
Usually, she'll pick the shot and EMLA, but if we're really busy, sometimes
we'll just go for sticking in the sil.  Michael says Lilly just uses ice to
numb it - Jenna doesn't think that's enough yet, maybe she will with time.
Also, the ELA-max does work faster, but I just don't see that the hour that
EMLA takes to work is a big deal in the scheme of things.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

<<My daughter (age 8, dx 8/98) just started pumping this week .
Her pump trainer recommends the silhouette's . I had to insert one into my
abdomen so I would see how it feels.  Both my daughter and I felt it hurt "a
little bit", but nothing major (more pressure than pain).  I had other
people recommend using a numbing cream.  When I asked the trainer, she said
she doesn't have anyone using it because you have to wait about 30 minutes
for EMLA to work.  She did say if we wanted to use a numbing cream, to try
orajel vs EMLA, because it works faster (about 5 minutes).  >>

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