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Re: [IP] Migraines

Just thought I would send you a quick note for what it is worth. That is 
wonderful that you are on the pump, I envy you!! I am hoping soon to get on 
the pump too, currently I am on MDI. I often get Migraines when I have a 
very low bloodsugar and have talked to my brother about it, he has his doc. 
in pharmacology. He explained that if your bloodsugar goes low very quickly 
it can trigger a migraine. The only thing that works for me when that is the 
trigger is to try to get my bg back to normal as soon as possible ( I 
usually bounce quite highafterwards which doesn't help). I have heard that 
this is much easier on the pump than on MDI. Then I take my medication for 
the migraine and go to bed, sometimes it lasts a couple of hours sometimes 
much longer. Just wanted you to know that is not unusual to get a migraine 
in such circumstances when you are prone to migraines anyway. Talk to your 
doc ASAP about this though, it is not good that you are going so low that 
you are passing out. Hope this helps a bit.

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