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[IP] Pump name/Complications/Silhouettes/etc.

Hi all,

I've never actually referred to my pump by name, but I think of it as my
shadow....  so Shadow it is!

I just saw my opthamologist today, Dr. Paul Sternberg of the Emory Clinic
here in Atlanta.  He lasered both my eyes and all is well....  We were
talking about my HbA1C (7.0) and mentioned that he was about to send some
pictures & data to Endo's around town talking about a study that (I think)
he's been doing in regard to tight control and Retinopathy.  He said that
the first 5 years, that the data was not very clear, but as time goes on,
the data is VERY compelling that tight control DOES greatly reduce the
incidence of Retinopathy!

As far as Silhouettes go, I've used bent needles, sof-sets and now use the
sil.  It get's pretty hot here in Atlanta, and I sweat profusely, and had a
problem with the Sil coming off when I was working in the yard.  My fix to
this is to do something similar to the way sof-sets are taped--I cut a
narrow diamond-shaped hole in an IV-3000, and place it over the Sil prior
to connecting the tubing to it.  This extra reinforcement has saved me from
several "pull-outs."  Cut the hole this way:  fold the IV-3000 in half
width-wise.  Then fold it again, the other way.  Cut the corner off, like
you would if you were making a paper snowflake, making a very narrow and
long cut.  This "slit" slips right over the connecting part of the Sil.  Be
careful that you don't intefere with the locking mechanism.

BTW, on Type I/II:  Dr. Paul Davidson, who is one of the docs who attends
the pump group that meets here in Atlanta at Piedmont Hospital said one
time that if you take more that 50u of insulin per day (I believe that was
the number) you are insulin resistant, which makes you a type II as well as
a type I.   My memory can be a bit faulty sometimes, so I hope I'm not
misquoting him!   I believe there is a test (C peptide test?) that tells
whether your body makes insulin or not.  

IDDM dx'd 12/16/69, pumping 4 years

Barry "Bear"  W. Finch
Atlanta, GA, USA
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