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Re: [IP] My Decision about this list

On  2 Nov 99 at 19:24, CARRIE VARGAS wrote:

>  Given the recent stuff that has taken place I have decided to not post
> any messages anymore.  Many of you have made it clear ('cept you
> LOIS!:-)  ) that because my daughter doe not yet have a pump, that I do
> not know anything, despite all that I have learned.

I'd hazard a guess that most of the negative feedback you've gotten is from 
people who are taking themselves too seriously... and we all need to be 
reminded about two things frequently (I get reminded almost daily by one of my 

1.  Don't take yourself too seriously.  It's better to laugh while mopping up 
the mess from the grape juice on the beige carpet than to scream... and if you 
discover that the stain looks like a warped portrait of a cartoon character you 
can also help those around you discover how to survive the little problems...

2. YMWV - a modified form of the acronym seen often on this list.  It means 
"your milage will vary" and is among the univeral truths that we learn and 
forget...  what works for you probably won't work for me... what works for me 
probably won't work for you...  and I need to remember #1 so I don't come back 
at you with "this stupid idea doesn't work" and so I can respond appropriately 
when you come back to me with "your stupid idea didn't work"....

Randall P. Winchester
* The views expressed here are mine and do not necessarily *
* reflect the official position of anyone in particular.            *
* There's no guarantee on anything said here...
* If I say I understand something completely the only thing
* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
* misunderstood something. 
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