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Re: [IP] Amy's FRUSTRATION, my Humalog Question

In a message dated 11/3/99 7:47:14 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< So my question is:  Can you become resistent to Humalog????   Anyone else 
 experienced this????  >>
    Yes - it IS possible. One of the teens in our area ran into a problem 
with Humalog where her bgs refused to come down from very high levels...her 
mom spoke to Eli Lilly and they conceded that yes, they did have documented 
cases of an allergic reaction to Humalog....She was off of her pump for 2 wks 
duting which time she took Ultralente shots to FINALLY get her bgs 
stabilized, before going back on the pump using regular...
    Our local PA representative to the JDF Children's Congress just spent a 
whole frustrating week in the hospital with recalcitrant that bgs that jhust 
wouldn't budge- except for when they gave him IV regular insulin. I suggested 
his mom speak to the teenager's mom & when she did so, the stories were very 
similar. Finally they switched him to regular in the pump & his bgs are much 
more typical & he WAS able to get discharged in time for Halloween!!
   As for the teenager, I hear she's back on Humalog in her pump. Keep in 
mind however, that both of these children's bgs history is HIGHLY 
unusual......compared to the more typical scenarios....
   Bottom line though..YES, one CAN develop a reaction to Humalog apparently!

Regards, Renee ( pump-mom)
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