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Subject: [IP] Need professional contact re: Mixing Insulins

Hi Connie,
I may be a doctor, but all my experience with mixing insulins comes from
being a mom.  Jenna's sites wouldn't last more than 36-48 hours - what a
pain.  We controlled it for a while by just doing site changes every other
day.  But, then, I figured, what can it hurt to mix insulins?  It's insulin,
after all, not snake oil or Noni juice that we're putting into the pump.
And guess what?  Sites now last routinely 3-4 days.  Once, when Jenna was
having problems with mid morning highs, we went back to just Humalog, to see
if that would help, and her sites immediately wore out in (you guessed it) 2
days or less.  We mix 0.5 cc of Velosulin in 2.5 cc of Humalog in her
cartridge, and all is well.  Our endo wasn't keen on it at first, couldn't
think of any reason why it should work, but it does. We told him later that
we tried it successfully, and he admitted he learns a lot from his patients.
The great thing about it, as I said, is that it's all insulin, so really,
nothing can possibly be wrong with it.   And we learned about it here at IP.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, 10 yo, pumping for 14 months

<<To those with experience mixing insulins in the pump:
There is a 16 year old who sees the same endo as my daughter who is having a
terrible time with sites lasting,,,My
CDE is very interested in ANYTHING that can help this young lady stay on the
pump but she would like to talk to a Dr/nurse or CDE that has experience
with mixing insulins.... >>

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