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[IP] RE: Diabetic or not?

Regarding the type 1 or type 2 questions, when I was first diagnosed in the 
emergency room, near comatose with a bg of 1205, I was told I had Juvenile 
Diabetes (at the age of 44) and had to stay in the hospital for two weeks 
with all the cute teenagers in the same wing.   MDIs were my life for ten 
years.  When I moved back to my home state of Alabama, I had a hard time 
finding a doctor (no specialists in Huntsville) and the one I finally ended 
up with, a well-respected family doctor, whose patients were 50% diabetic, 
kept telling me I must be type 2 because I fit the profile (FFF - Fat, 
female and forty plus).  He tried me on pills. I also put my self back on 
MDI, because the pills were definitely not working.  I finally went to 
Birmingham to a specialist there and was on a pump three months later. 
 When I went back to my "family" doctor for my annual physical, I told him 
about the pump and he said, "oh, let me see it, I have never seen one".

I believe that many (most) doctors have not been educated in insulin pumps 
and their advantage for anyone on multiple daily injections or uncontrolled 
blood sugars.   It doesn't matter if you fit a profile, are type 1 or 2, 
what matters is your health and quality of life.  The pump gives you a much 
greater quality of life and in most cases, brings your average blood sugars 
down.   Hopefully, this (and frequent testing) will prolong any serious 
complications usually associated with diabetes.  Nothing is a guarantee, 
but hope is where its at for me.
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

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